Social Science Journals that have a research data policy

These journals were taken from the 2011 Thomson Reuters’ Journal citation reports. They include the journals from the top 100 (most cited) and bottom 100 least cited) ranked by impact factor.

Journal Title ISSN URL
American Economic Journal-Macroeconomics 1945-7707
Journal Of Marketing  0022-2429
Archives Of General Psychiatry  0003-990X
American Journal Of Psychiatry  0002-953X
American Psychologist  0003-066X
American Journal Of Public Health  0090-0036
Annual Review Of Clinical Psychology  1548-5943
Annual Review Of Environment And Resources  1543-5938
Annual Review Of Psychology  0066-4308
Annual Review Of Public Health  0163-7525
Annual Review Of Sociology  0360-0572
Autism Research   1939-3792
Cognitive Psychology  0010-0285
Developmental Science  1363-755X
Emotion  1528-3542
Global Environmental Change-Human And Policy Dimensions  0959-3780
Psychotherapy And Psychosomatics  0033-3190
American Journal Of Geriatric Psychiatry  1064-7481
Health Psychology  0278-6133
International Journal Of Management Reviews  1460-8545
Journal Of Abnormal Psychology  0021-843X
Journal Of Applied Psychology  0021-9010
Journal Of Child Psychology And Psychiatry  0021-9630
Epidemiology  1044-3983
Psychosomatic Medicine  0033-3174
Journal Of Consulting And Clinical Psychology  0022-006X
Journal Of Cognitive Neuroscience  0898-929X
Journals Of Gerontology Series A-Biological Sciences And Medical Sciences  1079-5006
Journal Of Experimental Psychology-General  0096-3445
Journal Of Financial Economics  0304-405X
Journal Of Fluency Disorders  0094-730X : This is the same as in J151
Journal Of Human Evolution  0047-2484 : this is a generic Elsevier Policy
                       Journal Of Informetrics  1751-1577
Quarterly Journal Of Economics  0033-5533
Journal Of Operations Management  0272-6963
Journal Of Personality And Social Psychology 0022-3514
Social Cognitive And Affective Neuroscience  1749-5016
Journal Of The American Academy Of Child And Adolescent Psychiatry  0890-8567
Clinical Psychology Review  0272-7358
Journal Of Psychiatric Research  0022-3956
Learning And Instruction  0959-4752
Neuropsychologia  0028-3932
Journal Of Clinical Psychiatry  0160-6689
Neuropsychology  0894-4105
Health Affairs  0278-2715
Structural Equation Modeling-A Multidisciplinary Journal  1070-5511
British Journal Of Psychiatry  0007-1250
Psychological Bulletin  0033-2909
Psychological Bulletin  0033-2909
American Sociological Review  0003-1224
Psychological Methods  1082-989X
Psychological Review  0033-295X
Personality And Social Psychology Review  1088-8683
Progress In Human Geography  0309-1325
Psychological Science  0956-7976
Annals Of Behavioral Medicine  0883-6612
Schizophrenia Research  0920-9964
Neuropsychology Review  1040-7308
Trends In Cognitive Sciences  1364-6613
Studies In East European Thought  0925-9392
Asia Europe Journal  1610-2932
Asia Pacific Journal Of Social Work And Development   0218-5385

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