Charts of online survey to researchers and qualitative analysis of focus group with researchers

accessibility of researchers' data ChartExport-1 ChartExport-3 researchers data sharing habits should journals have data policies researchers digital storage habits where researchers access data would you use a Jord Service

The figures that you see in the bar charts above  are the actual numbers of respondents, they are not percentages.

Chart of value of a data policy databank

list of researcher subjects

drivers for data sharing

analysis of focus group diagrams

analysis of Key drivers diagrams

analysis of online questionnaire Q13 diagrams

pro-data sharing diagram

The above links are concerned with the perceptions of researchers towards sharing data and their opinions of  a possible service to collate and disseminate Journal research data policies. What follows is a set of tables which were the first steps in the analysis, coding the transcripts of the focus group, and explanatory responses to certain questions from the stakeholder survey .

analysis tables of focus group notes

analysis tables of online questionnaire q13 notes

researcher comments on increasing access to data

researchers comments on the key drivers behind increasing access to research data





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