Project Data

Journal Research Data Policy – Survey

What is being done?

The project is carrying out a survey of  Journal Research Data Policies which incorporates:

  • the top 100 and bottom 100 Science Journals
  • the top 100 and bottom 100 Social Science Journals

according to Thomson Reuters’ Journal Citation Reports.

This will help to shed light on the current state of data sharing policies within various journals.

Finding a Data Sharing Policy

Data sharing policies are likely to be found in:

  • Instructions for Authors
  • Author Guidelines
  • Submission Information
  • Publishing Policy
  • Open Access Policy
  • Data Sharing Policy
  • Data Accessibility Policy
  • Supplementary publication procedure
  • Supplementary online material
  • Ethical Guidelines

Collating the Information

Information about these policies is being collated into a spreadsheet for analysis as follows:

Row/Column Heading Description Example
Journal ID Unique Identification Number for the journal j199
Policy ID Unique Identification Number for the policy p1
Full Title Journal Title Circulation Research
ISSN ISSN 0009-7330
Impact Factor Journal Citation Report (JCR) Impact Factor 5.7
Publisher Name Publisher name according to JCR Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins
Client Name Client Society or Organisation name American Heart Association
Country (Journal) Journal Country according to JCR USA
Journal Link Journal homepage (From RoMEO or  Google if not listed)
Policy Link Link to Policy information
Policy Name Name of policy if present Data Deposition and Data Availability: Guidelines for Deposition of Protein and Nucleic Acid Data
Policy Comment Note to indicate why multiple entries There are different policies for sequence data sharing and other data sharing
Policy No Policy This journal has no policy on data sharing
Request/ Suggest Data sharing is requested/ recommended/ suggested
Required Data sharing is required to publish Yes
Other Other data sharing policy
Date Reviewed The date of the review 3 Aug 2012
Data Types Structures Crystal and Molecular Structures
Protein/ DNA Sequences Protein, DNA, Nucleic Acid Sequences Yes
Specimens and Samples/ Materials Mouse strains; Bacteria strains
Multimedia Multimedia data
Datasets Datasets, raw datasets
Program Code/Software Program Code/Software
Metadata Associated metadata
Supporting Documentation Protocols, instructions, methodology
Unspecified No data type mentioned
Other List any other data types not listed
Data Guidelines Data must comply with external recognised guidelines e.g. MIAME MIAME
Where Named Database/ Repository List named database or repository NCBI Gene Expression Omnibus; Genbank; DNA Data Bank of Japan
Repository (Subject/ OA/Insitutional) State Subject, Institutional or Open Access Repository
Website List any website that is not a repository/ database Secure or Publically Accessible
Not-specified No location specified
Physical location Location of physical storage of object e.g. Museum
Other Location type not listed
When Available/ Deposited To Reviewers Data must be available to reviewers before review of article Yes
On publication Data must be available to readers/deposited upon publication Yes
Prior to Publication Data must be available to readers/deposited prior to publication
On Submission Data must be available to readers upon submission
On Acceptance Data must be available to readers/deposited upon acceptance
Other Data must be available to readers/deposited under another condition
Accessibility Open Access Data must be made available via open access
Free Access Data must be available for free, but not necessarily open access
Low Cost Access Minimal costs only may be charged for access e.g. to meet costs of delivery
Restricted Access Data is not publically accessible, but available on request
Closed Access Data is not publically accessible
Metadata Required DOI DOI
Other Other Metadata
Conditions List any additional conditions of data sharing
Exception List any exceptions to the policy
Embargo Period Period by which data sharing may be delayed, e.g. 6 months
Embargoed From Point as which the embargo period starts, e.g. upon publication
File Format(s) CIF CIF Format
CSV Comma Separated Variable
Other List all other file formats e.g. PDF, Excel, Spreadsheet, CSV
Consequences State what will happen if you don’t comply with policy Article will not be published
Monitoring State how the policy will be policed The authors must also provide a statement in the manuscript that this sequence has been scanned against the database and all sequences with significant relatedness to the new sequence identified (and their accession numbers included in the text of the manuscript).
Policy Strength (see HA Piwowar & WW Chapman, Proceedings of ELPUB 2008 Conference, Canada)  Weak Policy is unenforceable, including policies that merely suggest or request data sharing, as well as policies that require data sharing, but do not require evidence of having done so.
Strong Requires data to be shared and insists upon evidence, e.g a database accession number as condition of publication Yes
Note Any additional notes This policy applies to American Heart Foundation publications

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