Other data intiatives that are out in the world

To find out whether there are any other projects, products or services already performing the same function as JoRD, a quick survey was done to find out what other data initiatives there are, and what services they offer. So far 29 have been identified, although there may well be others. Most of them are known to be current ongoing initiatives, but some of them seem to have started, but have not been updated for a while. They are mainly funded by Universities from around the world and at least four demonstrate successful collaboration between Universities internationally. Many UK initiatives are JISC funded. Three are funded by Governments, one being an international initiative. Eleven are subject specific.

Only five of the initiatives indicate that they can advise researchers about data policies and guidelines, and four deal with best practice. Nine are concerned with linked data. Fortunately, none of them appear to be supplying the type of service that JoRD would deliver. Here are some details of the most interesting projects.

  • DaMaRo ( http://damaro.oucs.ox.ac.uk/)  is an initiative between JISC and Oxford University to create the University’s data management policy and build the  infrastructure to be able to comply with the policy. It is associated with DataFlow (http://www.dataflow.ox.ac.uk/) and DataBank (http://www.dataflow.ox.ac.uk/index.php/about/about-databank.) which are being developed by Oxford University and the Bodleian Library to provide an open source developed infrastructure that will aid the storage of create DOIs for large data sets.
  • DRYAD (http://datadryad.org/) is a digital repository that is supported by many international scientific societies. It has been created by open source  development and facilitates data storage and retrieval, provides advice on best practice, links data and attributes DOIs.
  • Global Biodiversity Information Facility or GBIF (http://www.gbif.org/) provides infrastructure and links to biodiversity data
  • SPQR (http://spqr.cerch.kcl.ac.uk/) provides links and meta-data searches to ancient documents
  • KAPTUR (http://www.vads.ac.uk/kaptur/) is a new project run by a consortium of art universities to capture, preserve and produce best practice of data management unusual data formats, such as sketchbooks or textile designs.

A more explanatory table can be found here.

Chart of Data initiatives

If you have any further information about the initiatives in the table, or you know about other, then please respond by comment.


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